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Back to School Shopping: Save or Splurge?

Back to School Shopping: Save or Splurge?

It’s almost the time of year when all the ‘back to school’ displays start rolling out. Especially if it’s your first time doing back to school shopping, it can be a little overwhelming! With so many decisions to make, here are some tips on what items are worth splurging on, and where you can save your money.

SPLURGE: Indoor and Outdoor Shoes

Shoes should be comfy and fit well, have a good grip, and have great durability so they last. Because is there anything worse than spending the day with blistered feet? Investing in a quality pair of indoor and outdoor shoes, as well as boots for the rain and snow, will keep your kid’s feet happy at school. Footwear with wide or flexible openings is best for easy on/off so your child isn’t struggling when changing their shoes. TIP: These knit shoes are a must-have for us, and they’re all $35 CAD or under! We also love these boots which have handles or Velcro for easy on.

SAVE: School Supplies

Lots of schools have a service where they offer a package you can purchase of supplies needed for your child’s school year. Whether you use the service or not, you’ll also need pencil case items like colouring tools, scissors and erasers (hello Dollarama!). Most of these are fine to save on! When it comes to colouring tools, I recommend sticking to brands you know work well.

back to school shopping

SPLURGE: Rain Gear

Recess and lunch happen rain or shine, so a pair of high-quality rain boots and waterproof outerwear is key for back to school shopping. This is especially important if you live in the PNW – nobody wants their kiddo to get wet and cold in the rain! We like these waterproof and cozy fleece-lined jackets and pants, or one-piece suits that are great for colder months too. It’s also important to choose items that your child can put on and take off independently.

YOUR CHOICE: basics to mix and match

Small shops are our go to for good quality basics like tees, joggers and sweaters. If small shops are usually out of your price range, don’t be afraid to hit up your local consignment store. You can grab tops a size up for an oversized look your little one can grow into, making the garment last longer. Having a few durable tops and pants that can be worn together helps with the ease of getting ready in the morning too. And I’m sure we could all use an easier morning!

back to school shopping

As September creeps up and back to school shopping slogans are everywhere, I hope these ideas help with deciding what to save on and what’s worth a splurge! Now enjoy the rest of the summer!

– Dana, island-living mother of a toddler and new baby

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