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Join Our Daycare Fundraising Program!

At Jan & Jul, we're all about supporting daycares and communities! Our daycare program benefits everyone – parents, daycares, and most importantly, the kids! Let's gear up our little adventurers for any weather and endless fun!

Jan & Jul Daycare Fundraising Program
Jan & Jul Daycare Fundraising Program
Jan & Jul Daycare Fundraising Program
Jan & Jul Daycare Fundraising Program

Benefits for Parents:

  • Enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases made during the fundraising event.
  • Shop conveniently online at and select local pickup at checkout.

Benefits for Daycares:

  • Receive a 10% donation of the total funds raised during the event.
  • Earn an additional $3 per participating family using the unique coupon provided by Jan & Jul.

How the Daycare Fundraising Works:

  1. Inform Jan & Jul: The daycare simply informs us of the fundraising date range.
  2. Coupon Code Provided: We'll provide a special coupon code for the daycare to share.
  3. Shop and Save: Parents and friends can then visit, shop for their favorite items, and apply the coupon at checkout.
  4. Easy Pickup: Jan & Jul will deliver clearly-marked packages to the daycare within 2 days for easy distribution to participants.

By participating in our daycare fundraising program, you're not only getting great discounts on our products but also contributing to your daycare's success. Let's make outdoor adventures and fundraising fun for everyone!

Ready to get started? Fill out the form below today to schedule your daycare's fundraiser!

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