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School Morning Routine: Tips for a Stress-Free Morning

school morning routine

School Morning Routine: Tips for a Stress-Free Morning

After a fun and relaxed summer, we’re ready to transition back to a more structured schedule and school morning routine. A tighter schedule can be an adjustment for kids, especially when paired with other big life changes like starting school for the first time. Here are a few things I do to help make that transition a little easier on them (and me!)

school morning routine

Tip 1: Start the Routine Early

Bedtimes have been creeping later throughout the summer. We're NOT morning people and my kids’ school day starts early, which means an early wake-up call! To help them adjust, we get them into bed earlier and wake them up closer to their school wake-up time. We do this a few weeks before school starts. This means no more sleeping in for me but it’s worth it once September rolls around.

Tip 2: Lunchtime Prep

Lunches at home are a lot more varied and casual than lunches at school. If your child is a slow eater, try setting a timer so they can adjust to finishing their meal faster. You can also have them practice opening (and closing!) lunch containers independently. If you’ve been having hot lunches all summer, switch to foods that you’d pack for their school lunches.

school morning routine
school morning routine

Tip 3: Prep for Success

School mornings seem to always end in a rush to get out the door on time. Building a few extra minutes into our school morning routine helps us get to places on time more comfortably. Especially with kids, you can almost always count on some unexpected delays to come up! And if everything runs smoothly, that means a few extra minutes with a coffee that’s still hot. Always a bonus!

Prepping everything I can the night before helps to start the day off with a little less stress. Pack lunches, fill water bottles and have backpacks organized and ready to go.

Having my kids pick their outfits the night before or choose between two options ended morning wardrobe battles. In case of sudden weather changes, Jan & Jul’s Puddle-Dry or Cozy-Dry pants make a great, compact addition to backpacks. Knit shoes have also been a game changer; they’re comfortable and easy for my kids to get on independently. Anything to help get out the door just a little faster!

Tip 4: Set Expectations Ahead of Time

Setting age-appropriate expectations like getting dressed, combing hair and brushing teeth are great ways to teach kids independence. A visual checklist can help remind kids of expectations, which was very helpful when my kids were little. As they’ve gotten older, the school morning routine has only become easier. There’s definitely hope! 

With some planning, prepping and patience, your family will be adjusted to a new school morning routine in no time. Best wishes for smooth mornings and a Happy September!

Elaine, Ontario mother of 2 night owls that are on their way to adjusting to early wake-up calls

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