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Fall Family Photos

How to Take Outdoor Fall Family Photos – Even in the Rain!

How to Take Outdoor Fall Family Photos – Even in the Rain!

Ask any photographer and they’ll probably say they love taking fall family photos! With the changing of the seasons, rainier weather is also on its way. I always say, weather should not stop you from getting outside (most of the time)! So how should families prepare for rain and enjoy getting outside for some photos? Let’s talk about it.

Dress Accordingly

How should you dress yourself and your little ones for fall family photos? Classic yellow or matching family rain gear can be so photogenic and comes in handy when a little drizzle starts! A raincoat, rain boots, splash pants are a must. Optional accessories like mittens and hats add a touch of coziness to photos!

Recently I was sent this rain jacket from Jan & Jul and they asked me to test it out. I played in the rain with my kids for 3 hours without getting wet! My favourite feature is that there is a drawstring on the inside of the coats where you can cinch your waist. I am wearing a size medium in these photos.

They also sent some matching rain attire for my kiddos. Their kids’ Cozy-Dry Gear is lined with such warm fleece material. It’s soft and keeps them warm, and the waterproof shell keeps the rain off. They also got boots to go with their outfits, and they are also so soft!

To be honest, it’s usually hard to get my toddlers dressed appropriately for the weather because they’re very picky. But I can honestly say they are excited to put on these outfits and love matching me! That may be the best part.

Choose a Location

Choice of location adds a lot to fall family photos! Keep kids engaged by doing an activity outdoors while shooting. Some fun ideas include:

  • Hikes
  • Fall fairs
  • Pumpkin patches
  • Sunflower fields
  • Another great way to occupy children is creating a “mud kitchen” – put mud, water, sticks, and rocks into little bowls and mix them

If you have a hard time getting outside for a big outing, start small. Maybe it’s sitting on your back deck or going for a walk around your neighbourhood. Be on the lookout for nice backdrops. One of my favourite parts about shooting in the rain is when it creates some really unique weather like mist, rainbows, and fog. Puddles make for great reflections, raindrops add dimension, and so many other effects that are so photogenic!

Try Different Poses

Mixing things up with poses can be a great way to get everyone “warmed up” for fall family photos. Some fun pose and photo prompts include:

  • Playing in the rain
  • Doing up your zipper
  • Spinning
  • Walking together holding hands or holding your little one
  • Using props like leaves or take turns holding an umbrella

I hope this was able to spark those creative juices and inspires you to get outside for your fall family photos, even if it’s raining. Have fun with it and have fun exploring!

– Kate, Canadian mother of two 🥾

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