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The Best Wide Toddler Shoes for Every Occasion

Best Wide Toddler Shoes

The Best Wide Toddler Shoes for Every Occasion

As a mama of two with very wide feet, I'm passionate about finding the best wide toddler shoes! As you may already know, most shoes on the market have a narrow toe box. If your kid has wide, chubby or pillow feet, you may be tempted to always buy a size up. Unfortunately, this often results in your kiddo wearing shoes that fit better in width, but are too long. This can cause trips and falls, and hinders healthy foot development.

But there is a better way! Finding wide shoes specifically made for your child’s foot type ensures their foot muscles and bones grow as they should. This simple choice makes a big difference, reducing the chance of foot and back issues as adults. Below are the best wide toddler shoes designed with “barefoot” features to support your wide-footed kiddo’s health and comfort.

Best Wide Shoes for Everyday

We wear these “Jelly Jumper” Shoes everywhere! They’re great from the playground to the splash pad. My curious kids somehow manage to get wet anywhere we go, so the quick-dry material is a lifesaver. They are breathable, durable and machine washable! The soles have a wide toe area and are lightweight and flexible for natural foot movement. They come in sizes US 5-13 for toddlers and little kids.

Best Wide Shoes for the Beach

When it's time for beach adventures or poolside fun, the Jan & Jul Water Shoes are my top choice. They have extra-wide, soft, and super flexible soles, which is perfect for my toddling one-year-old. The upper fabric is soft against baby's sensitive skin and helps keep the sand out, too. We can wear them to the beach, pool or any outdoor play! They’re available in sizes US 3-10.

Best Wide Shoes for Extra Chunky Feet

These sock shoes cater to those with extra wide or chubby “pillow” feet – and they’re under $25! They have super stretchy uppers that slip on easily and keep the chubbiest feet secure. The wide foot-shaped sole gives ample room for little toes to grow naturally. They’re quite grippy with protective toe bumper so they’re suitable for outdoor walks or cozy indoor wear. Sizes range from US 3-10.

Best Toddler Shoes for Average Foot Width

Got a kiddo with more of an average foot width? I had to give an honorable mention to Jan & Jul's Knit Shoes. They’re excellent options for children with narrow or average width feet. They are also easy to slip on, featuring breathable knit uppers and flexible soles.

Investing in the best wide toddler shoes is a proactive step towards your child's foot health, comfort, and even proprioceptive awareness. By allowing their feet to develop naturally, you're laying a strong foundation for their overall well-being. Jan & Jul's wide kids shoes are the perfect choice! Happy exploring!

-Kyrsten Bloch,

Tinkergarten Nature Program Leader, Photographer, and Mama of Two

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