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Benefits of Cotton

The Benefits of Cotton

Versatile & Natural Cotton

Cotton is a versatile, natural fiber that you likely see and use every day! There are many benefits of cotton over synthetic fabrics. Besides being comfortable and moisture-wicking, cotton is also a renewable resource that humans have been growing for thousands of years. At Jan & Jul, we are proud to make our cotton sun hats from 100% premium cotton with no harmful chemicals added, making them a safe and natural option for protecting your children’s delicate skin from the sun.

Breathable Comfort in Any Weather

Cotton is known for being soft and breathable; the perfect choice for staying comfortable in any weather. The structure of cotton fibers allows for air circulation next to the skin, while simultaneously helping temperature regulation. In hot weather, the breathability of cotton keeps you cool as it wicks away and evaporates moisture into the air. In cold weather, cotton acts as an insulator to keep warmed air next to your skin. These unique properties make cotton an ideal fabric for all kinds of clothing and textiles – from sun hats and T-shirts to bedsheets!

Hypoallergenic & Gentle on Babies Skin

Cotton cloth is made using natural fibers from the cotton plant. This type of fabric is hypoallergenic and gentle, even with sensitive baby skin. Cotton’s moisture wicking abilities also means it does not hold onto odors as easily as synthetic fabrics do. So even on hot, sweaty days, your child will feel cool and breezy in our Cotton Sun Hats. Another one of the benefits of cotton is that it does not cling to skin, making it comfortable for infants, kids and adults!

50+ UPF Protection from the Weave of the Fabric

Many of us at Jan & Jul are parents ourselves; that is why we design our gear with the safety of your family as the top priority. We’ve ensured the 50+ UPF sun protection of our cotton sun hats comes naturally from the weave of the fabric, not from the use of solutions or sprays. And because cotton is so durable, this means the UV protection will never fade or wash away. The benefits of cotton are an amazing, natural way to keep you and your little ones comfortable, no matter the weather!

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