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Unbreakable Kids Sunglasses

Unbreakable Kids Sunglasses

Unbreakable Kids Sunglasses: Put to the Test!

Gigi gets the most compliments on his Jan & Jul raingear and swimwear, but their unbreakable kids sunglasses are awesome! We've been fans of Jan & Jul products for a few years now and they definitely hold up to the test of time. I love how many fun colours the sunglasses come in, their UV 400 sun protection, and they're also so durable! In fact, Gigi and I decided to put them to the test and see how well they would hold up!

Test 1: Flexibility Test

We decided to start by testing out the flexibility of the frames. Gigi was pretty excited to get started, squeezing the sunglasses and pulling on the arms to see how far they would bend. This was pretty exciting to watch as we squeezed and pulled and sure enough, those sunglasses were unbreakable!

Test 2: The Sit Test

We brainstormed some situations that we thought kids’ sunglasses might fall victim to. First up, we thought of the sitting test. We thought it would be common for kids to leave their sunglasses beside them and somebody might sit on them. So, we set our sunglasses down and Gigi sat right on top of them. He even wiggled around a bit to really test them out. Those sunglasses were good as new!

Test 3: The Step Test

Feeling braver with our testing, we decided next to put our unbreakable kids sunglasses to the step test. We imagined on a playground we might leave our sunglasses on the ground and somebody might walk on them. So, Gigi gave those sunglasses a good walking over and the result was: unbreakable!

Test 4: The Jump Test

Okay, so we now know the sunglasses won’t break if somebody sits on them or casually walks across them. But what if somebody leaped off the top of the stairs and landed right on top of them? So, we decided to put them to the jump test. We placed our sunglasses on the ground, Gigi took a running leap and came crashing down on top of them. Result: unbreakable! Phew!

Test 5: The Bike Test

Feeling confident now, we decided to try out a few more situations. We figured at a playground or school, we might run into some bikes or scooters. What if we dropped our sunglasses at the exact same time some bikes were crossing and crushed our sunglasses? So, we set the sunglasses up, hopped on our bikes and rode right over top of them. We couldn’t believe it! Those sunglasses just bent and moved with the tires! We picked them up and they were just like before. Those flexible frames and shatterproof lenses held up under the pressure of our bike tires!

Test 6: The Drop Test

Gigi and I were pretty impressed with how durable our Urban Xplorer sunglasses were. But Gigi still had one final test he wanted to put the sunglasses through! The drop test. For this test, Gigi started out at the bottom of the stairs and dropped the sunglasses onto the sidewalk. We went up a step and repeated this test all the way to the top of the stairs. After dropping the sunglasses repeatedly on the hard cement, the result was: unbreakable! Those lenses remained intact and did not shatter.

Gigi and I can confidently confirm that Jan & Jul’s Urban Xplorer sunglasses are officially unbreakable according to Gigi’s scientific method of testing! But don’t take our word for it… If you’re looking for a pair of unbreakable kids sunglasses, put Jan & Jul’s to the test yourself!

Sandra, teacher and mom living in the PNW

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