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An Honest Review: Jan & Jul Toddler Knit Shoes!

An Honest Review: Jan & Jul Toddler Knit Shoes!

Hello! My name is Tanya, I am a motherhood blogger. I am excited to share with you my review of Jan & Jul’s Xplorer Knit Shoes!

Why Choose Jan & Jul?

As a mom of two boys, I look for the best toddler knit shoes for my boys. They need to be durable enough on the playground, kicking around a ball or splashing in muddy puddles because why not! We started purchasing from Jan & Jul a couple years ago when I fell in love with their sun protection hats. We have since been avid shoppers every year to refresh the boy’s hats and shoes. My youngest lived in his Jan & Jul Play Shoes for what seemed like forever. He has since grown out of them. They are still in incredible shape ready to be rehomed to a child in need. We are now onto the Xplorer Knit Shoes

Our Review of the Xplorer Knit Shoes

What caught my eye about these shoes was that they are easy to slip-on and stay-on, machine washable and light on the feet. My boys like to be independent so it was important to me to find toddler knit shoes that they can slip on themselves. Machine washable is an awesome bonus because they love to play hard! I also looked for a light shoe because my youngest who is two years old had knocked knees so its important to find a shoe that isn’t too heavy so his legs can still develop properly while he’s in this phase of development. Let’s also not forget about the extra toe protection of the Xplorer Knit Shoes! Makes it a lot nicer when you’re little is kicking around a soccer ball.

Affordable and Ethically Produced

While appreciating the features of these shoes, we also need to appreciate the price being affordable! You can see shoes for kiddos often get expensive and Jan & Jul pride themselves on being able to ethically produce and sell footwear at an affordable cost for families while keeping great quality products.

Final Tips and Sizing

You can find Jan & Jul’s Toddler Knit Shoes in all sorts of colors and patterns! If you need a little help with sizing, refer to the sizing guide – we found that the shoes are true to size and really do stay on around the playground. They lived up to all our expectations and we love them!

Tanya, mom of 2 boys, motherhood and lifestyle content creator at Millennial Motherhood.

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