Jan & Jul Surveys

We currently do not have any surveys available, please check back later. Thank you!

Does your child wear Jan & Jul Gear? Fill out a survey, give feedback and get a C$5 Jan & Jul gift card every unique survey. Please check your child’s current height and weight before you begin, it is important that it is accurate.

Starting from April 2021, the C$5 gift card per survey is emailed every Tuesday (except public holidays).

Note: Each survey is for a single product, for one child. Please do not fill in the same information and submit repetitively. We do not reimburse same survey responses submitted multiple times. Thank you!


I have two kids with the same product, how many surveys should I fill in?
Two. You should fill in two separate surveys, one for each child.

I have a fleece and a single layer rain pant for my child. Do I need to fill in two forms separately?
Yes. You should fill in surveys for each product separately.

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