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Stay Put Baby Booties

Stay Put Baby Booties

An Honest Review: Stay Put Baby Booties

Any parent who’s on the search for stay put baby booties knows… It’s almost impossible to keep socks and shoes from sliding off those tiny chubby feet! In anticipation for my first child, I purchased a wide array of adorable little socks and baby shoes – only to realize none of them would stay on my son’s feet. They’d slide right off after 5 minutes of squirming, or he’d pull them off while giggling at his own hilarity! So you can imagine my surprise when I found the PERFECT stay put baby booties with my second child. These are the first booties that actually stay on my baby’s feet. Despite her best efforts, she isn’t able to pull them off. And trust me, nothing gives her more joy than the satisfaction of getting her socks off her feet! Here are some of the top reasons why Jan and Jul’s Stay Put Booties are our favourite.

Stay Put  Design

Stay Put Design

Did you know, the reason why most booties fall off is because they are too loose around the ankles? These booties actually stay on my child’s feet because of the adjustments. They have an elastic drawstring around the ankles which is exactly the area that’s too loose on other brands. They also have a Velcro adjustment at the top which gives it even more security. It is such a relief not to have to worry about a lost bootie when we are out and about! Whether we're in a grocery store, out hiking or on a stroller walk, these pass the test.

Cozy and Warm

We have these in two different styles, the cozy booties and winter booties. The cozy fleece style is perfect for a chillier spring day or evening walks where she needs a little extra layer on. For winter wear or windier days, we wear the winter booties which are windproof and have a water repellent shell. I have peace of mind knowing she’s comfortable and her little toes stay nice and warm when we are out.

cozy and Warm  Booties
for Early Walkers

Good for Early Walkers

These booties are so comfortable and lightweight! They make it very easy for my baby to roam around and practice walking. They’re soft soled and very flexible, plus they are wide enough for her chunky feet. For first-time walkers, a good fitting shoe is a safer shoe to avoid trips and slips. The fact that these stay on securely, aren’t clunky or thick, and don’t slip off is a win.

Adorable Styles

It’s almost guaranteed that someone will comment on how cute my daughter’s booties are when we are out! Not only are they practical, but they’re the most adorable accessory to finish an outfit. They come in such a wide array of colors and prints, it’s hard to pick just one.

Adorable Styles Baby Booties

These Stay Put baby booties are incredibly functional and do the job of keeping my child’s tiny feet cozy! They’re the best gift for a new mom or for a baby shower. We absolutely love them in our home!

Julie, Calgary mom of two

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