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Spring Kids Clothes

Gearing up for Spring: Kids Clothes for Springtime

The other day the most magical moment happened, I looked down to see crocuses pushing their way through the cold grass. Then I looked up and saw birds diving through the air, singing their songs.

You know what that means? Spring!! It’s near!

While winter is fun, by the time I see those purple flowers popping through, I’m ready for spring. And with the impending change of season, it means I need to get all our spring kids clothes ready to go!

Rain Gear & Layers

The most important thing for spring, is that my kids have good rain gear. We live in the suburbs of Vancouver and here, spring means rain.

My kids all wear different variations of rain gear. My oldest is almost 6. He’s usually wearing a Puddle-Dry (single layer) Rain Jacket. No Rain Pants unless we’re out adventuring for the day. My older daughter who is four years old, loves the Bib Pants paired with a Cozy-Dry (fleece lined) Rain Jacket. Her temperature goes up and down depending on the moment, so when she ditches her jacket, the Bib Pants still keep her dry on the playground.  My youngest is 1.5 years old and the Puddle-Dry Play Suit is perfect for her. On a cold day, I layer the Fleece Suit underneath. On a warmer, wet day, she wears the suit over her regular clothes.

Rain Boots

Even when it’s not raining, there are usually puddles on the ground in spring. If there are puddles… my kids will find them! For that reason, most spring days you’ll find all three of my kids in their rain boots. The Jan and Jul Puddle-Dry Rain Boots come up high enough their feet stay dry, but are low profile so they can move (fast!) My personal favourite are the yellow boots – nothing more classic than a yellow rain boot in the spring!

Knit Shoes

As spring moves closer to summer, my kids love to wear their Knit Shoes outside. They wear them all year as indoor shoes at school, but we have an outdoor pair for each of them too. When it’s cooler out, they wear their Knit Shoes with socks. Then as it gets warmer, they wear the shoes on their own.

Rain Cover

I don’t babywear my kiddos anymore, but the Cozy-Dry Rain Cover is still always with us. It’s such a convenient piece to have! If it gets cold or unexpectedly rainy, I can throw it over the kids in the stroller. Or if we’re having a little picnic, I place it on the ground for my toddler to sit on.

Adult Rain Jacket

Once we’ve got all our spring kids clothes sorted, I make sure I have the right gear too. I don’t like umbrellas since I’m always pushing a stroller, so a baseball cap and a rain jacket are my go to’s. My Pacific Rain Jacket is perfect on a cold spring day with a sweater underneath. It’s great on a mild day too, with just a t-shirt.

With the unpredictable weather we get here, spring can be tricky for dressing our kids. Pouring rain and chilly in the morning, sunny and warm in the afternoon! That’s why we love layering all our gear, making sure we’re prepared for anything that comes our way. Are you ready for spring?

Alex Turner is a journalist turned stay-at-home mom. Read more about her adventures on her blog!

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