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Shoes for Back to School

Breeze Knit Shoes: a back to school essential

You get the list from daycare or school. It’s a long list. Kiddo is starting school in September and you need to have everything ready and labelled. Gah!

One of the things on that list I had the hardest time finding were shoes for back to school. Most daycares require indoor shoes and they can be so hard to find!

They have to be something your kid can easily get on and off, secure enough they could wear them outside in an emergency, but flexible enough they can move easily playing inside.

This is why we love the Breeze Knit Shoes from Jan & Jul!

My kids are wearing them now, in the summertime. They’re super breathable so they can be worn on the hottest of days without socks or on cooler days with socks on. They’re way more comfortable and durable than sandals. They ride bikes, scooter, run through the forest and to the water park in them. Then after any adventure we go on, the shoes are tossed into the washing machine and come out clean!

My older kids (3 and 5 years old) always reach for these Knit Shoes first because they can pull the shoes on themselves. And I can easily get them on my one year old’s chunky feet too. Come September, I’ll get the kids another pair each to use as indoor shoes for back to school.

It’s crazy to be thinking about the new school year already but I’m glad to have one thing checked off that list!

Alex Turner is a journalist turned stay-at-home mom. Read more about her adventures on her blog

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