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Plane Activities for Kids

Plane Activities for Kids

Plane Activities for Kids

Summer is travel season! If you travel with your kids, you might be worried about keeping them busy. The good news is that knowing the right plane activities for kids makes all the difference! Some entertainment worked for all of my children, while other activities were age-dependent. Let me share with you what worked for me when I boarded an airplane with three children in tow!

Before Boarding

I view preboarding time as a chance to allow my children to work off some energy! Luckily many airports now have play areas for children. Research your flights and where you have layovers. Then, locate where in each airport the play area is and try to accommodate a stop at this area between flights.

Age Specific Activities:
For School Age Kids

Planning plane activities for kids who are used to being in school, like my oldest son, can be easier. He would be happy looking at books, coloring, or creating with Legos all day, any day.

What I packed in his backpack:

  • Soft cover, lightweight books
  • Travel Lego case
  • Coloring books and art supplies

Age Specific Activities:
For Toddlers

My toddler is the opposite of her older brother. She does not like to sit still, stick to one activity, or be quiet. She’s best entertained by little activities and surprises that keep her entertained for 15-30 minutes until she needs something new.

What I packed in her backpack:

  • Magic Paint books
  • Stickers
  • Polly Pockets
  • Magic erase board
  • Photo books (with pictures of herself and family)

Age Specific Activities:
For Babies

My baby thankfully slept and ate most of the time. However, when he was awake, he expected to be entertained.

What I packed for him:

  • Baby fidget spinners (with suction cups to stick to windows and trays)
  • Masking tape (to repeatedly peel up or play toy rescue with)

For All Ages to Enjoy

Snacks! Snacks are my fallback solution for every difficult circumstance. I try to provide snacks that my children don’t often get or snacks that are long lasting. One particular favorite of mine (and my kids) is Ring Pops. Not only is this a rare and exciting treat for my kids, it also takes them an extended amount of time to finish eating!

If all else fails

Our reserve entertainment is the tried-and-true tablet. Screen time can be a touchy subject for some parents, and we do limit it strictly in our house. However, I make an exception for travel.


  • State clear and firm expectation for how long they can use it.
  • Do not trust the inflight entertainment. It can be very unreliable.
  • Preload shows and movies before traveling.

Traveling with children is often stressful, so prepare for your trip with fun plane activities for kids. Planning ahead and fielding potential pitfalls can turn this taxing vacation inevitability into much less of a battle.

Christy, Alaskan homeschooling mother of three

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