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Why PFAS Free Kids Clothing is Important

Why PFAS Free Kids Clothing is Important

Why PFAS Free Kids Clothing is Important

Are you on the search for PFAS free kids clothing? When shopping for your family, there is a lot to think about. Quality, sustainability, value. But something that not everyone considers is avoiding toxic chemicals like PFAS. As a doctor and a mother, I am always trying to make healthy choices for my family. Finding PFAS free kids clothing has been at the top of our list!

What are PFAS chemicals?

PFAS chemicals are a group of per and poly fluoroalkyl substances, also known as “forever chemicals”. They are used to repel both oil and water, and are often used to make products water or dirt resistant. They are commonly found in household items like nonstick cookware. However, fewer people are aware that PFAS chemicals can be added to the fabric in our clothing.

Why should I be concerned about PFAS?

PFAS has been linked to a host of health issues, from endocrine problems to cancer. Additionally, they have earned the moniker “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down. Essentially, they remain in the environment and contaminate soil and water. While no studies have definitively linked PFAS in clothing to a specific health issue, minimizing your exposure for environmental and health reasons is a good idea.

What kinds of clothing contains PFAS?

 Unfortunately, there are currently no laws that require manufacturers to explicitly label their products as containing these chemicals. Therefore, there is no easy way to tell which clothing or products might contain these substances. In general, items labeled “stain free”, “waterproof”, or “performance” might potentially be treated with PFAS chemicals. If an item is labeled “fluorine free”, that means that it is free from PFAS. The best way to know definitively is to contact the company and ask!

Where can I find PFAS Free Kids Clothing?

Contacting each and every company you purchase from sounds tedious. Instead, look for companies that have pledged to keep their products PFAS free. And great news – Jan and Jul is committed to producing 100% PFAS free kids clothing! This is such a relief, especially for products like outerwear, rain gear, swimwear and footwear which can be hard to find without PFAS chemicals. 

PFAS Free Kids Clothing Rain Gear
PFAS Free Kids Clothing Swimwear
PFAS Free Kids footwear

Remember: not all chemicals are bad. After all, water is a chemical too! But there are certain chemicals like PFAS, bisphosphonates, lead and flame retardants that are best to avoid whenever possible. There’s no need to throw away your whole wardrobe, either. Just try to make conscious and healthy buying decisions for your family going forward when possible. That’s what it’s all about! 

Dr. Hayley Goldbach, M.D., dermatologist and mother

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