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Outdoor Winter Activities

Our Favorite Outdoor Winter Activities

When the weather turns chilly it can often be difficult to get children excited to go outdoors. But living in Alaska and prioritizing outside time has introduced us to some fun outdoor winter activities! Here are three of our favorites:

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun any time of year! However, during the winter they keep children moving and keep them warmer! Here is a list of things you can get kids to find on a winter scavenger hunt. Download the printable here to get started.

  • pinecone
  • tree stump
  • berries
  • bird
  • mittens
  • a holiday wreath
  • something prickly
  • 3 kinds of leaves
  • holiday lights
  • an evergreen tree
  • a bug
  • a bird feeder

Ice Ornaments

A fun way to get creative during the winter season is to create an ice ornament! You can collect items from your pantry (ex. orange slices, cranberries) or you can take your children out to find natural decorations (ex. pinecones, leaves). You can also put birdseed in your ice ornaments as a treat for little winter visitors.

You’ll Need:

  • Decorative Items
  • Container with a Flat Bottom
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Twine or String

Fill your container with water and place a cup in the center. Sometimes we need to weigh down the cup with rocks to keep them in place. Then my children place their decorative items in the area around the cup. We wear Jan & Jul’s Waterproof Mittens to make sure that my children’s hands stay toasty dry during this process. Leave the containers outside overnight or once the ornaments are frozen before popping them out of their molds. Tie some twine or string to them, and let the children decorate a tree outside in the yard with their creations!

Outdoor Winter Activities
Outdoor Winter Activities

Snow Volcano

Each year my children look forward to when we have enough snow to make a snow volcano!

You’ll need:

  • Lots of snow
  • A small container (we use a disposable water bottle with the top cut off)
  • Baking Soda
  • Coloring agent (we use washable craft paint)
  • Vinegar

Before heading outside, prep the vinegar by mixing it with different colours of craft paint or your colouring agent. Then to create the “volcano” we start by making a “mountain” of snow and then hollowing out the center deep enough to put your small container inside. Next, pour the baking soda into the container and refill after each “eruption”. My children have lots of fun pouring the different colours of vinegar into the volcano and watching it erupt! It makes for some very vibrant snow around the eruption site. It is nice to have Jan & Jul Waterproof Mittens and Rain Gear for outdoor projects like this because my children will inevitably spill some of the vinegar on themselves! Once all of our baking soda and vinegar has been used up, my children are usually content to mix up and play with the coloured snow.

Even when the weather outside is frightful, it’s just as important to give kids their dose of “Vitamin N”, Nature! I hope these outdoor winter activities were helpful. I encourage you to get creative and think of your own ways to “outdoorsify” your kids’ favorite activities. There are endless possibilities! Dress for the weather and get ready for lots of learning and fun to be had in the process!

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