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Outdoor Mom Essentials That Every Mom Needs!

Outdoor Mom Essentials That Every Mom Needs!

Outdoor Mom Essentials That Every Mom Needs!

When thinking about spending the day outside with your little ones, do you picture what you’ll be wearing to stay comfortable? Whether it’s pouring or the sun is shining, quality gear for you is just as important for moms. Maximize our time outdoors and make it enjoyable! My list of outdoor mom essentials starts with a great jacket.

Waterproof Jacket with a Hood

On the west coast, it’s often drizzling and windy – especially by the beach, where most days take us! Jan and Jul’s waterproof Women’s Pacific Rain Jacket is a must-have when getting outside with my son. It has a velcro adjustment on the top of the hood, extended brim to keep rain off your face, and elastic on the sides to create the perfect stay put fit so it won’t go flying off on those windy days. The super handy two-way zipper is my favourite feature right now. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and bending is already tricky enough! I love that I can adjust the zipper to be able to bend down and still have the benefit of the length. The toggle adjustments around the waist allow me to zip the jacket up over my baby bump comfortably when fully extended. If you love to match with your little one, there are kids’ jackets that coordinate perfectly, too!

An Adjustable Hat with Great Coverage

Another one of my outdoor mom essentials is a high quality, stylish hat. Whether you’re a fan of the 90’s trendy bucket hat or like more of an adventure look, Jan and Jul has three different styles of hats for you to twin with your kids! My personal favourite is the Bucket Hat that has a bit of wider brim. Like all their hats and UV gear, it’s 50+ UPF with no harmful chemicals added – the protection is in the weave of the fabric! My partner likes the style of the Jasper Hat with mesh panels on the sides for extra ventilation. They’re adjustable around the top of the head so we can share and have it fit both of us perfectly! If you’re looking for adorable prints or a bit more coverage for your neck, the Adventure Hats are a great option with a longer neck flap at the back. When I’m running around outside with my little one, the last thing I want to worry about is holding onto my hat! I love that all of these styles have a handy removable chin strap that keeps them as snug as you want them.

My last words of advice are to not forget about yourself, momma! Time and time again, I’ve learned if I’m as prepared as my child is for the day. Our time outdoors will be so much more enjoyable. You’ll never regret getting outside together, no matter what the weather is like or what adventures you’ll embark on!

Dana Walters, West Coast, Island-living mom of one

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