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For all summer activities

Our Favourite Hat for All Summer Activities

Summer is here and it’s all about playing outside for our family! We always keep a big bin of all our outdoor gear next to the door. In the summer, our bin is naturally full of hats. Before we head out, I ask my son to pick a hat for all summer activities we’re getting up to for the day. He has many hats to choose from, but there is always one he loves to grab – his Xplorer Cap from Jan & Jul!

The kids Xplorer Cap is a great light-weight baseball style cap with a snap back.

I love that the snap back feature allows me to adjust the hat just right for his head size. The large size is meant to fit kids from ages 2-12. There is so much room for growth over the years! Gigi likes to pick this hat because of its fun, colourful print. I love that I can spot him in a crowd when he is wearing his hat because it’s just so different from all the other ones on the playground.

Gigi attended sports camp as one of his summer activities and the kit list asked kids to bring a hat along for outside play.

The Xplorer cap was perfect to throw in his backpack! The panels are made of cotton, so the hat collapses nicely with no worries about crushing it. The breathable cotton material kept him cool in the heat. It also absorbs all the sweat from his hard work at sports camp! The baseball cap is the perfect “sporty” style for the playground, walks to the ice cream shop, and picnics in the park. The brim offers 50+ UPF protection on his face. This is especially helpful to stay sun-safe on the days I forget to pack the sunscreen.

We’ve taken this hat everywhere because it’s so versatile for all our summer activities! 

I can easily throw it in Gigi’s backpack for those “just in case” times, when the sun might decide to peek out from the clouds and we realize we need a hat after all. It’s also been in the creek for a swim and spent the day at the beach. The cotton feels even cooler on his head when wet!

The kids Xplorer Cap may be just the hat for all summer activities, from camping to hiking! They’re versatile, lightweight, breathable, and feature adjustable sizing with fun prints and colours! Throw one of these versatile ball caps in your backpack today and you’ll always be ready to “Xplore”.

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