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No-Tie Kids Shoes

No-Tie Kids Shoes

No-Tie Kids Shoes

What can parents and caregivers do help their child gain independence, and get out the door faster? Give no-tie kids shoes a try! In my parenting journey, one of my biggest goals has been to foster independence in my children. Something as simple as learning to dress themselves can have such an impact on their confidence and how mornings go.

As my eldest heads off to kindergarten soon, it’s especially important that he can get himself ready without assistance! We’ve used all kinds of shoes, from tricky to do up sandals to tie-up sneakers. And no-tie kids shoes are hands down the best for little ones to get on by themselves. Here are a few of our favourite styles if you’re thinking about making the switch!

The Best Everyday Shoe:
Xplorer Knit

First up, and our personal favourite, is the Xplorer knit shoe. Easy to slip-on, lightweight, flexible and grippy, these are perfect for all types of play! We wear them all spring, summer and fall. Whether you like bright colours or neutrals, there’s something for everyone. Like prints instead? Check out the graphic styles to match any personality. My little one is strawberry obsessed, so he loves his strawberry shoes!

The Best Summer Shoe:
Breeze Knit

Breeze knit shoes have all the same great features but are they’re perforated for summer. This makes for excellent ventilation on hot summer days and they dry quickly if worn in water. We especially love these ones for splash pads as it makes it easy to go back and forth to play!

The Best Back-to-School Shoe:
Hi-Top Knit

For a cozier-looking style for fall and back-to-school season, my little one likes Hi-Top knit shoes. They’re super stylish and great for long scooter rides or days adventuring around town! These have added coverage at the ankle and are still easy to slip on with elastic.

Bonus: Machine Washable!

All of these no-tie kids shoes from Jan and Jul are machine washable! Talk about easy to clean! Children can wear them with or without socks too, as they’re made with a comfy breathable material. These knit shoes offer everything your child needs, and are easy for little hands to manage.

Whether you want to help your child develop independence or just get out the door faster, slip-on shoes are the way to go! Looking for more back-to-school shopping ideas? Take a peek at another one of my blog posts here!

– Dana, island-living mother of a toddler and new baby

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