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Newborn Shopping List

The Practical Mom’s Newborn Shopping List

The Practical Mom’s Newborn Shopping List

When it comes to making a newborn shopping list, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what items are necessary and which are just plain impractical. Not to mention figuring out what to look for when choosing those items! Aside from some of the more obvious things parents might need, here are a few suggestions of items to add on your newborn shopping list.

A Carrier

A carrier may not be a necessity for all parents but is super practical if your baby likes a lot of contact.  Our family likes to hike trails and enjoy many activities that aren’t stroller-accessible, so a carrier makes it possible for us to explore wherever we’d like. Tip – Jan & Jul makes a universal rain cover for carriers, strollers and car-seats that’s perfect for keeping baby warm and dry.

Knotted Gowns and Zippered Clothing

Trying to do up a bunch of buttons half asleep in the middle of the night is just not a good time. Sleepers with zippers or a knotted gown make nighttime changes so much easier and faster! Bonus if your sleepers have two-way zippers, trust me. If you’re out and about, having zippered clothing like this Fleece Suit makes life easier too.

Practical Footwear

Finding good footwear for my first born felt impossible. I went through many different options, looking for one that didn’t fall off when he started to crawl or had his feet dangling in the carrier. My 4-month-old has been wearing Jan & Jul’s Stay-Put Booties in the fleece and faux fur styles and they really stay on! They have velcro around the top and an adjustable elastic around the ankles to hold them securely in place. I have yet to find this in any other baby footwear. The soft, flexible sole will be perfect for when my little one starts walking. Bonus – they’re easy to wash by wiping clean or throwing in the machine!

A Health and Safety Kit

I would totally recommend adding this to your newborn shopping list. Safety kits usually come with a thermometer, nail clippers, soft brush, some contraption to get boogies out, and an infant “toothbrush” teether. I like to have medication for fevers on hand as well, just in case. My little one loves to use his teether and you can find so many cute designs too!

Newborn Shopping List

Being prepared makes parenting so much easier and more enjoyable, and who doesn’t want that? When it comes to your newborn shopping list, a few practical necessities to help your days go smoothly will make all the difference. You got this. Happy shopping!

– Dana, island-living mother of a toddler and new baby

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