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Our Nature Homeschool Journey

Our Nature Homeschool Journey

Our nature homeschool journey began in 2020, during the pandemic. Though we had planned to homeschool long before, we began our journey as many others did! Living in Alaska, we found a thriving and active homeschool community. Though we tend to do most of our book work between September and May, we learn year-round. There are constantly opportunities for learning outdoors, if you just know where to look for them!

Learning While Exploring Outside

Each year, we have a long list of must-visit places to see, and I aim to make a lesson out of each adventure. My children study science while berry picking on camping trips, dip netting in Kasilof, beach combing in Seward, tide pooling in Homer, and ice fishing on Mirror Lake. They get their P.E. in while skating on frozen waterways, hiking mountain trails, and swimming in glacial fed lakes. In addition, we study history while panning for gold, exploring old mines, visiting nearby glaciers, and fossil hunting.

A Typical Day of School

As an example of a day of learning, in the Summer, we may hike down a dirt trail to get to a sandy beach. Once there, my children might enjoy jumping around in the water of the Cook Inlet. As the tide goes out, that water often reveals expanses of mud that they then wallow in for the rest of the day.

Our Nature Homeschool Journey
Our Nature Homeschool Journey

Wear the Right Gear!

If you’re just starting out on your nature homeschool journey, don’t forget the importance of having the right outdoor wear and footwear! During the chillier months, my children wear nothing but boots and rain gear. In the Summer, a good all-terrain shoe is a necessity. Jan & Jul Knit Shoes have become our go-to shoes for warmer months! Their grippy soles are perfect for climbing rocky areas while hiking or exploring slippery creek beds. We wear them everywhere, from the dockyard to the museum! They’re also machine washable for easy cleanup after a day of hands-on learning.

While our days may not be what many would view as a school environment, they are filled with real-life educational opportunities. Our many adventures are punctuated by slower days spent at home. There are many ways to homeschool, and you will find your own rhythm during your nature homeschool journey!

Christy, Alaskan homeschooling mom of three

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