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Mommy and Me Jackets

Getting Outdoors with Mommy and Me Jackets

Picture this with me if you will. You’ve got a house full of kids, packed to the gills with energy (wait… only two kids live here?! Because I swear it sounds like ten). You look out the window, ready to make a family escape outside to burn off some energy… And guess what? It’s wet. It’s raining. It’s cold. Frankly the weather couldn’t look worse!

Teach Them Young

Here’s the thing. I know as a parent that fresh air makes everyone (everyone!) in our family feel better. It’s a healthy way to burn energy, it helps us breathe deeply, appreciate our surroundings, and makes us smile. But convincing two kiddos to leave the house for a rainy outing isn’t always easy. That’s when I pull out our mommy and me jackets and two favourite phrases come to mind, starting with…

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather

… only bad gear. That’s the number one trick to keeping our family happy outdoors in all four seasons. We all go out in gear that keeps us dry and warm and lets us play. I kid you not (see what I did there?), our family has been wearing Jan & Jul Rain Gear since our kids could toddle! And we fall more in love with it every year. Our kids love the prints (I mean look at those constellations!), and we love that they’re completely waterproof, machine washable, and oh so cozy. The Cozy-Dry Rain Gear is perfect for warmer winter days, or wet spring days that still have a chill in the air.

Which leads me to my second favourite phrase.

Twinning is Winning with Mommy and Me Jackets

If I’ve learned anything about parenting, it’s that modelling a behaviour or an action is always ten times more effective than me explaining an action. So, in our house, on wet days that means the whole dang family gets suited up in rain gear to play outside together, rain or shine. Spoiler alert: my favourite mommy and me jacket is also from Jan and Jul. And while family twinning is optional (sort of!), high performing gear is definitely not, and these check all the boxes.

So, if you’re looking to get the whole family outside this spring, just remember: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear, and twinning is winning! Check out the Jan & Jul Women's Pacific Rain Jacket and Kid's Rain Jackets to get the whole family geared up for the rain.

Because when we stay dry, we stay warm. And we all stay happy.

Written by Kate, Toronto mom of 2 sweet kiddos, family blogger, and outdoor adventurer.

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