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Mittens for a Cause

Mittens for a Cause

“Growing up in rural China, I know how it feels to go hungry.” Florence’s past experiences have encouraged us here at Jan & Jul to help the future of other children. This is how our Mittens for a Cause campaign was born.

Florence Luo, founder of Jan & Jul spent most of her childhood living in a small, poor village in China. People living in her village had no fresh water, no electricity and little education available to them. “Malnutrition and hunger were so common in our village.”

Mittens for a Cause

This year, Jan & Jul’s Mittens for a Cause campaign will run from November 10th until December 31st, 2022. For every pair of Waterproof Mittens sold on our website, we will donate 10 meals to school-aged children in need through the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Mittens for a Cause

World Food Programme

The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organization. The WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2020 for its efforts in combating hunger in conflict-affected areas. According to the WFP, “around the world, innocent children and families are caught in a vicious cycle, because where there is conflict, there is hunger. And where there is hunger, there is often conflict.”

The WFP estimates one in every nine people globally go to bed hungry every night, which works out to a staggering 811 million people. The lasting socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed to rising food insecurity and costs, pushing up to 50 million people into emergency levels of hunger.

How We Can Help

The number of people who need help can seem overwhelming. We wanted to find a simple way we (and you!) could help. Over the next two months when you purchase any of our Waterproof Mittens, the equivalent of 10 meals will be donated to the World Food Programme. Since 2018, we have donated 52,520 meals to children! This year, can we beat our yearly average of 13,130 meals donated?

“I saw so much poverty,” says Florence, speaking of her childhood in rural China. “And today in 2022, still too many parents around the world struggle to feed their children. Now with Mittens for a Cause, we are giving back to help kids that were struggling like I was.” Give more than just a pair of mittens this holiday season – join us to make a difference!

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