Featured in Amazon’s Shop Local: Products of BC

We are so excited to be featured in Amazon’s Shop Local Guide for fall 2020.

Excerpt from the article:
Why I love what I do:
As a parent, there is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors with my kids. Outside, my kids are calmer, absorb their surroundings and continue to grow. It’s amazing. Knowing Jan & Jul is helping families make those memories outdoors together is a beautiful thing for me.

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Summer, 2012
Our grow-with-me sun hats got picked as one of the Great Goods in the newest issue of Urban Baby & Toddler. Thank you, Urban Baby & Toddler readers and editors!

May 2012Our grow-with-me sun hats were selected for Going Green Summer Goods.

March 2011Our butter-soft cotton knit blankets, hats, booties were picked as one the best baby shower gifts by SavvyMoms!
Sept 27th, 2010Sarah Richardson is a renowned Canadian TV personality on interior designs. She hosted several series on HGTV. We are so pleased that Twinklebelle aprons were featured in Sarah’s Finds.
April 20th, 2010We were pleasantly surprised when SavvyMom Media, the most influential online parenting media company in Canada, picked our grow-with-me sun hats as one of the TOP FIVE sun hats.

Here is what they wrote:
Good for: Avoiding the annual ‘must get out and buy sun hats’ rush
Why It Made the List: It’s amazing how fast little heads grow (although the smaller the better at birth, we always say). These hats by Twinklebelle Designs have the solution because they are designed to grow. Made of breathable 100% cotton, and designed by some very savvy Vancouver moms, these easily-packable hats have an ingenious, fully-adjustable head strap so you can adjust it to the right size. Neck straps with an easy toggle adjustment also help keep the hat on when it’s windy, or when the kids are particularly active.

March 29th, 2010 As a very young company, we were thrilled when the Vancouver
Sun, the largest daily newspaper in Vancouver, published a full
page article on Twinklebelle.Joanne Lee-Young, a business reporter from the Vancouver Sun,
has been buying Twinklebelle’s products from a Vancouver store.
She adores them and wants to know the people who create them.
The article was born after her interview with Florence Luo,the founder
of Twinklebelle. It tells the story of the women behind Twinklebelle.

The article reads:
VANCOUVER – The ‘Made in China’ tag has become synonymous with massive factories staffed by
thousands of workers, stuff rolling off assembly lines in container-load quantities.

But one home-based Vancouver company is chipping away at this widely held image.

Twinklebelle Design Inc. is a tale of two sisters, a small sewing group and two knitting groups in Nanjing
on China’s coast, and further afield in Binzhou, a city that would be unknown to most Westerners.

Together, they make hand-knitted hats and blankets, as well as painting smocks, aprons, bags and
other accessories for babies, kids and families. All very colourful, sweet and with minimal packaging.
You could put them on a table at a farmer’s market.

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December 2008 & December 2009Two years in a row, Twinklebelle’s moon clips and felt clips have been picked as the best stocking-stuffer for Christmas.
August 26, 2008Twinklebelle’s smocks and aprons were picked among one of the feel-good-toys in the article titled “Feel good toys” by Carly Krug, writer on parenting.
Summer, 2008 Twinklebelle was nominated for 2008 Mom Entrepreneur of the Year.
Thursday, Dec 06, 2007In the article titled “Holiday Hangout”, Twinklebelle’s aprons and children’s cooking sets were written as: come in darling nostalgia prints, reminiscent of days when cookie dough was mixed rather than sliced.