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Kids Sunglasses Winter

kids sunglasses winter

Best Kids Sunglasses for Winter!

Why Should Kids Wear Sunglasses in the Winter?

Sunglasses aren’t just designed to make your kid look cool on the slopes. They also protect their sensitive eyes from the sun’s glare, improve visibility in bright and snowy conditions, and shield their eyes from harsh mountain winds. We can all agree Canadian winters are full of unpredictable weather conditions, and as a parent, you don’t want to find yourself unprepared!

How to Pick the Right Sunglasses

Picking the right sunglasses will not only properly shield their eyes but also guarantee you’ll get the most out of your awesome winter experience! If you’re in a snowy climate, snow is one of the most reflective surfaces. Opting for polarized lenses like Jan and Jul’s sunglasses are perfect for protecting against the harsh glare reflecting off the snow. If you have more temperate rainy winters, polarized lenses also tackle the glare reflecting off water and puddles. You’ll want to look for UV 400 lenses with 100% UVA UVB sun protection.

Our Favourite Kids Sunglasses for Winter

My kids spend a lot of time outside in the snow sporting their Jan and Jul glasses. They go sliding, skating, snowshoeing, skiing and snowmobiling and the Jan and Jul glasses have yet to fall off once! Impressive right? My favourite thing is the adjustable and removable strap to help the glasses stay put. The strap fits nicely under a ski or snowmobiling helmet and is great for younger kids or kids who are super active outside. And don’t worry about dropping them or stepping on them – these glasses are flexible and shatter proof. My four-year-old can practically bend them in half and they don’t break!

All in all, I’m just so happy to have found affordable, good quality and safe sunglasses for my kids to rock all year round! Whether you’re looking for kids sunglasses for the winter or summer, give Jan and Jul’s Urban Xplorer Sunglasses a try.

Written by Charlotte Burdes, @3littlefireweeds, Mom of 3 in snowy Yukon, Canada

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