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Kids Summer Shoes

The only kids summer shoes you need this year!

What if you could buy just one pair of kids summer shoes for all your adventures? Is there really one pair of shoes out there that can do it all?

My favourite part about summer is spending all-day outdoors with my son. We pack a bag first thing in the morning and stay out until sunset, stringing a few activities back to back. These shoes have gone from a morning hike in the woods, to an afternoon spent at the playground, to straight in the water for some beachcombing after dinner. I love that I don’t have to bring extra shoes for our days out – these are the only kids summer shoes we need!

My son has wide feet and wearing those typical plastic shoes usually ends in tears and blisters, but these Knit Shoes pass the test! The knit material is flexible and comfortable, especially on his heels. We’ve walked in them for long distances with absolutely no problem – the perforated knit allows his feet to breathe on hot summer days and they stay on so well. My son says they’re the “most comfy” shoes he’s ever had!

The Breeze Knit Shoes also have a great flexible sole.

This is perfect for my kid who loves to climb. The grippy bottoms help him scale those poles and climb up slides when runners would have him sliding backwards! I also love how they protect his feet from hot sand and playground surfaces that are TOO hot for bare feet.

They also stand up great in the water too – they’re lightweight and quick drying, perfect for a run through the splash pad or exploring a creek. No more packing extra socks on our hikes! I love that the shoes stay on in the water and keep his feet protected, without weighing him down or filling up with water.

Kids Summer Shoes
Kids Summer Shoes

And while there are so many super practical advantages, I honestly think the thing I love the most about them is how cute and stylish they look.

Jan & Jul’s Breeze Knit Shoes are a solid investment and have quickly become our go to kids summer shoes! Whether you’re heading out for a hike, going on a camping trip, exploring a creek, spending an afternoon at the playground, or doing all of the above, these are the only shoes your kiddo needs for every summer activity!

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