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kids snow suit for winter

kids snow suit for winter

Cozy-Dry Suits – The Ultimate Kids Snow Suit for Winter!

If you’re looking for a kids snow suit for winter, finding what works best for you and your children can take a lot of trial and error! Where we live, in South Central Alaska, winter can last from September through May. We spend a lot of the year in layers and snow suits. For me and my kids, the one-piece protection that Jan & Jul’s Cozy-Dry Play Suits provide is perfect.

Quick and Easy Dressing

Getting the family dressed for outdoor excursions can be time consuming and exhausting. Opting for a one-piece kids snow suit cuts down on the number of items you’re putting on and saves you time. It also cuts down on the sheer amount of clothes hung up around the front door or filling up the back of my car!

No Snow Up the Back

We already have over a foot of snow where we live and it’s only November. When the snow is this deep, it’s easy for children to get snow up the back of their jackets or down the neck. If this ever happened to you as a child, you know how unpleasant it is! Luckily, this problem is easily solved when your child is wearing a one-piece playsuit. There’s no separation around the middle or from neck and hat with the hood on, so no snow can get in!


Snow can get slushy and wet, weighing down and seeping through typical snow suits that are only “water-resistant”. However, Jan & Jul Play Suits are 100% waterproof which allows children to play outside longer and more comfortably. This has also come in handy when we go outside multiple times during the day – no more waiting for gear to dry before getting out again!


When the temperatures dip low, it’s nice to have a kids snow suit for winter that allows for easy layering. Jan & Jul Play Suits are designed with an easy-to-adjust waist toggle that provides extra room when multiple layers are needed. In addition, these snow suits have an adjustable Velcro strap on the top of the hood. This gives you the flexibility to put on thick hats and scarves under the hood when needed.

Warmth Without the Bulk

Jan & Jul Play Suits have a soft fleece on the inside and a flexible, windproof outer shell. This design allows for easy movement, without the extra bulk of typical kids snow suits. Toddlers and little kids have enough trouble moving through deep snow. It’s very helpful to have a snow suit that’s still warm without being so bulky!

Finding the right kids snow suit for winter can be a life-saver in cold climates like in Alaska. For my kids, Jan & Jul’s Play Suits provide the perfect warmth, protection from the elements, and freedom of movement – all in one zip!

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