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Sun Protection for Kids Sensitive Skin

Sun Protection for Kids Sensitive Skin 

Confession: Before I had kids, I never really gave sun protection a whole lot of thought. I’d just slap on whatever sunscreen I had if I remembered and was good to go!

kids sensitive skin

I Learnt the Hard Way

Fast forward a few years. I was a new mom heading out on a beach vacation and tasked with protecting delicate baby skin from the sun. I bought her a couple of cute swimsuits and a tube of baby sunscreen and thought we’d be good to go. A couple of days later, my baby was covered almost head to toe in a bumpy, painful rash. I felt awful! We figured she was reacting to the sunscreen we were using and spent the rest of our vacation completely avoiding the sun. As soon as we returned home, I started researching sunscreens and different ways to protect kids sensitive skin.

Not All Sunscreens are Created Equal

It turns out that like a lot of kids with sensitive skin, my daughter was reacting to some of the chemical ingredients in the sunscreen I had picked, most likely oxybenzone or benzophenone-3. I did a lot of reading and found that natural, mineral sunscreens are easier on sensitive skin. They typically include zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which are the only two safe active ingredients found in sunscreen! Badger Brand sunscreens are a favourite – it works well on my kids sensitive skin and is more environmentally friendly.

Keep That Sensitive Skin Covered!

While sunscreens definitely help, keeping skin covered is the way to go. In my search for better sun protection, I came across Jan & Jul and ordered a couple of Gro-With-Me sun hats. I loved the hats and was so excited when they started making UV protective swim wear! It’s easier (I have yet to meet a kid that loves having sunscreen applied!) and 50+ UPF all day with no need to re-apply. If you’re conscious about toxins, the UV rating naturally comes from the fabric with no chemicals or solutions.

Great for Hot Humid Summers

We live in an area known for its hot, sticky weather in the summertime – when the heat hits, we spend a lot of time in and around water. Jan & Jul’s UV swim wear is a definite favourite in my house! The fabric is super soft, non-irritating, and dries really quickly. My kids are happy to wear these all day, with no rashes! The high neck does a great job protecting the back of the neck.

Don’t Forget…

Protecting your kid’s face from the sun’s rays is just as important! I love pairing up the UV sets with an Aqua-Dry hat (hello adorable matching sets!) to help keep their faces shaded. The hats keep their shape even when wet and don’t flop into my kids’ faces so they don’t mind wearing them in the pool.

The best part of all of this for me? It’s UPF 50+ protection, no extra ingredients to irritate my kids sensitive skin and no reapplication involved! Lazy parenting? Maybe. Smart parenting? Definitely! It means more time for fun for the kids and less worrying about sun protection for me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll finally finish that book I’ve been trying to read for the last three years!

Elaine, Ontario mother of 2 and nature-lover.

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