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kids outfits

Easy Kids Outfits to Get Out the Door Fast!

I think most parents can agree – getting kids outfits together and out the door can be a struggle. With all the snacks, sunscreen, extra clothes, toys, etc. that I already have to pack up, my 3 year old ends up picking out his own clothes for the day. He LOVES fun prints and colours. Sounds like a recipe for fashion disaster, right?

Being his mama (and the family photographer!) I love how every piece we have from Jan & Jul coordinates beautifully and looks so good together. You’ll find us mixing and matching their knit shoes, sunglasses, sunhats and UV swimwear all summer long. We absolutely love having these kids outfits that easily come together without having to put too much thought into it!

My go-to way to create a “capsule wardrobe”?

We started by choosing our two favorite UV swim suitsParrot and Goose for us! I let my 3 year old pick out his favorite colours of knit shoes and sunglasses, then I chose a few color-coordinating sun hats in different styles (if you’re wondering how to choose sun hat styles, here’s a handy blog post!). I was thrilled to see how cute our pink, navy and mint/teal accessories all looked with both the Parrot and Goose UV suits.

With a roll-in-the-mud-type sensory seeking toddler, it’s been essential for us to always pack some backup outfits and accessories, and so handy when everything goes together! Now we have endless combos of easy kids outfits to grab and go.

kids outfits

I also love how my Women’s Pacific Rain Jacket and Adult Sun Hats from Jan & Jul adorably match my kids outfits – we get so many compliments on our coordinating gear!

So look no further than Jan & Jul for all of your outdoor apparel needs this summer and beyond. Boys and girls alike will love picking out their favourites, and parents will not only appreciate how easy it is to get out the door, but also just how adorable their littles look in these coordinating kids outfits!

-Kyrsten Bloch,

Nature program leader for children, photographer, and Mama to an active 3 year old!

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