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Jan & Jul Gives Back

Jan & Jul Gives Back

Jan & Jul Gives Back

“Running this business from a tiny spot to a midsize company, I’ve been given a lot of support from the community. So, it’s a priority that Jan & Jul gives back”

Florence Luo, Jan & Jul’s founder has always known once she was able to, she wanted to help others.

“For me, I grew up in a rural village and I know how it feels when you have a lack of nutritious food.”

Mittens for a Cause

At Jan & Jul, careful thought has been put in with how the business can help give back. This is how the Mittens for a Cause Campaign was born in 2018. During the holiday season, with every pair of waterproof mittens sold on the website, 10 meals are donated through the United Nations Food Programme (WFP).

The WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts in combating hunger. They estimate 811 million people worldwide go to bed hungry.

Florence herself remembers going days without eating as a child, while living in a farming community during wintertime. “When I lived in the village, we rarely got any outside help. If we were given this kind of help, it would’ve made such a difference,” says Florence.

“The WFP is not just about giving food. It offers the care, love and support to those children. If they can have a nutritious meal, then they can have the energy to study and can better tackle the issues they face.”

Red Cross B.C. Wildfire Relief

And locally, when people are in need, Jan & Jul gives back.

 “Sometimes there’s an emergency and you just have an urge to give a helping hand.”

According to CBC News, this summer’s wildfires were the third worst on record. More than 1,600 fires burned nearly 8,700 square kilometers.

Watching the devastating wildfires unfold across the province, Jan & Jul decided all the proceeds from their Warehouse Sale – $17,418 – would be donated to the Red Cross B.C. Wildfire Relief.

Florence says it was incredibly meaningful to watch everyone come together to support the cause.

Red Cross B.C. Flood Relief

Recently, B.C. was hit again. This time an atmospheric river hit the southern part of the province. The extreme weather led to flooding and mudslides, causing widespread evacuations.

With the Canadian Red Cross once again responding in affected areas, Jan & Jul has committed to donating $15 to the Red Cross B.C. Flood Relief with every women’s rain jacket sold.

So far, that’s $3,120 donated.

And as the proceeds come in and donations are made –

“Our team is jumping with joy. It feels great.”

“It’s not just a donation by Jan & Jul but it’s a community event. We’re doing this together,” says Florence.

Author Alex Turner, journalist turned stay-at-home mom.

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