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Importance of Sun Protection

The Importance of Sun Protection for Adults

We’ve all been there, you’re heading out for some fun in the sun and there you are lathering your little ones in sunscreen head to toe and digging through your bag for their sun hat. Parents know how important it is to protect their little ones from the suns harmful rays but what about YOU? Sun protection for adults is just as important as it is for our little ones.

I grew up spending all my free time outdoors, hiking, snowboarding and playing in the sun.

As I got older I often wouldn’t think about using a proper sunscreen on my face in the winter, or to toss a sun hat into my bag for myself. It’s so easy as a parent to get wrapped up in our busy schedules and taking care of our little ones that we often put ourselves last. When it comes to sun protection it’s so important to take the time to not only protect your kids but to also protect yourself. No more just rubbing the sunscreen leftover from your kiddos onto your arms and then rushing out the door.

Spending time in the sun no matter what the season or the weather can cause a great deal of damage to your skin. Sunspots, premature aging, wrinkles and skin cancer; but you won’t get skin cancer right?

I learned a valuable lesson about protecting my skin when I was just 25 years old and found myself on an operating table undergoing my first skin cancer surgery to remove skin cancer from my stomach.

Years later in my early 30’s I found myself on the operating table again this time removing skin cancer from 2 separate areas on my forehead. Skin cancer wasn't something I considered myself at risk for. I was “pretty good” at remembering to sunscreen BUT it was all those hikes year round and not considering a proper sunhat or sunscreen reapplication on a cloudy day that caused damage to my skin and gave me a serious wakeup call on the importance of year round sun protection.

I fell in love with Jan & Jul sunhats after having my first daughter and searching for a cute adjustable UPF 50+ sunhat to protect her scalp and face from the sun.

When shopping for a sunhat it’s important to look for something with a high UPF protection. UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. The Canadian Dermatology Association considers a UPF rating of 30-49 to offer very good protection and 50+ to provide excellent sun protection.

After my second skin cancer surgery on my face and talking to my doctor about the risks of skin cancer on your face and scalp I knew that sunscreen wasn’t enough to protect me and I needed to start wearing a sunhat for the best protection and to set a good example for my kids. Jan & Jul sunhats for both children and adults are lightweight, adjustable, comfortable and most importantly offer UPF 50+ protection.

Next time you head outside for the day don’t forget your sunhat; it could save your life.

Kolby is an active mother of 2 who is busy running her own marketing firm in the beautiful Alberta Rockies.

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