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Parent Teacher Relationship

How to Nurture a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

How to Nurture a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

Set your child up for success by building a strong parent-teacher relationship! Often, when we think about the year ahead, we think of back-to-school shopping. But, our work as parents doesn’t stop once the supplies are bought. In fact, some of the most important work we can do as parents starts with reaching out to our child’s classroom teacher and forging that parent-teacher connection.

As a teacher, and a parent, here are my suggestions on how to connect with your child’s classroom teacher.  

How to Nurture a Positive Parent-Teacher Relationship

Tip #1: Kick off the year with a positive interaction

Starting off simple: reach out to your child’s teacher. Introduce yourself when you have a chance at school pick up. If you are not available, send a short email to establish an avenue for communication. Start the year off with a positive interaction, don’t wait until there is an issue to reach out. Establishing a positive connection early makes resolving conflicts or asking for support easier if needed later on.

Tip #2: We are all on the same team

It is important for your child to see your parent-teacher relationship as a partnership; you want your child to see everyone working together as a team. Familiarize yourself with the teacher’s classroom routines. See if they have a website or newsletter about what is happening in the classroom. Check the website regularly and read the newsletter together with your child. Note any important dates on the family calendar.

How to Nurture a Teacher Relationship
How to Nurture a Positive Teacher Relationship

Tip #3: Know classroom expectations and set up routines

Get to know what is expected of your child; are there weekly spelling tests or readings? Help your child set up a routine with strategies to meet the teacher’s expectations. Encourage them to advocate for themselves and ask for help when needed. Be proactive and check on homework to see if they are progressing well. If you become concerned, ask the teacher how you can support your child at home.

Tip #4: Get involved where you can

Finally, don’t be afraid to be present and involved in the school community! Many teachers welcome parent volunteers into the classroom and on school excursions. Children thrive when their caregivers are informed of school routines and have regular positive interactions with their classroom teacher. And teachers love it when parents are present, communicative and involved.

Nurturing that positive parent-teacher relationship helps your child see the connections you have between home and school. Remember, that teachers are just as excited about the new year ahead as students are. We look forward to forging a strong connection with our parent community and sharing the learning journey with your family. Wishing you a great school year. We can’t wait to get to know you!

Sandra, West Coast Adventure seeker, mom and teacher

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