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Easy Halloween Costumes

easy halloween costumes

Easy Halloween Costumes

Have you ever worried about sending your kids trick-or-treating in the cold? Do you dread the last-minute rush to the dollar store for single-use costumes? It’s time to dress up, Jan & Jul style! We have lots of ideas for easy Halloween costumes. Did you know? A 2019 study from the UK found that a whopping “over two thousand tonnes” of clothing waste is estimated each year solely from throwaway costumes.

On the bright side, DIY Halloween costumes are an easy and sustainable alternative. And with a little bit of Jan & Jul, they’ll keep your kids warm no matter the weather as they trick-or-treat! Here are some easy Halloween costumes you can make that’ll protect your kids from the elements on fright night, and for seasons to come.

easy halloween costumes

DIY Octopus Costume

This octopus costume comes together in a jiffy! Stick self-adhesive googly eyes to the ears of the Jan & Jul Fleece Suit. Then, fill tube socks almost to the top with fiber fill stuffing to create the arms of the octopus. Next, sew the socks in a row onto the ribbon, leaving a few inches on each side of extra ribbon, creating a “belt”. Lastly, dress your little one in the fleece suit and tie the tube sock belt around the waist.

Costume designed by Christy, Alaska, USA

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DIY Lion Costume

Got rain in the forecast? This is the perfect no-sew costume for you! To make the mane, wrap brown yarn around your fingers in ~30 loops. Then cut a length of yarn and double knot it around the center of the loops, securing the bundle all together. Cut through the loops of yarn to make a pom-pom, then fluff and trim to make even. Repeat this step to make enough pom-poms to surround your child’s face. Next, cut six lengths of yarn, long enough to go around your child’s head and tie under the chin. Tie them together and braid with two lengths in each section of the braid and tie off. Make the mane by lacing the pom-poms through the braided cord. Almost done! Cut two ear shaped semi-circles from yellow felt and hot glue to secure the ears to the mane. Lastly, tie the mane around your child’s head, draw a nose and whiskers onto their face. Wear with yellow Jan & Jul rain gear and rain boots for waterproof coziness!

Costume designed by Christy, Alaska, USA

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DIY Rainbow & Sun Sibling Costume

This “rain-or-shine” costume is perfect for transitional weather! For the rainbow: Make two rainbows by cutting out multi-coloured semi-circles of felt and hot gluing together. Cut out four cloud shapes from white felt and hot glue to the ends of the rainbows. Then, cut out two strips of felt long enough for your child’s shoulders and hot glue ends to the two rainbows to make the rainbow vest. Next, cut lengths of string and hot glue teardrop shaped pieces of blue felt to create “raindrops”. Grab an umbrella and secure the strings around the edges before taping cotton balls or white stuffing around the edges to create a cloud-like effect. For the sun: Cut out triangles from yellow felt and smaller triangles from orange felt, then hot glue the orange pieces on the yellow. Then, grab a headband and hot glue the triangles around the headband. Wear with Jan & Jul’s blue and yellow playsuits!

Costume designed by Krysten, Minnesota, USA

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DIY Snuggly Butterfly Costume

This costume was very easy to put together and cozy warm for the chilly Halloweens we get here in Alaska!

I grabbed our Jan & Jul Fleece Jacket and Pants, and a pair of butterfly wings from our dress-up basket. Then I secured the wings to the fleece jacket with 3 safety pins. I did this from the inside of the jacket so the safety pins wouldn't be visible. Last, I grabbed a couple of pipe cleaners from our craft supplies and a headband. I wrapped the bottom of the pipe cleaners around the headband, securing them on. Then I twisted the tops to make them resemble antenna.

My daughter was ecstatic to run around in her new butterfly costume, made from things we already had sitting around the house!

Costume designed by Christy, Alaska, USA

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DIY Little Bear Costume

This costume is perfect for younger trick-or-treaters and it only takes a couple minutes to put together! You’ll need a Jan & Jul Bear Knit Hat in Cream or Grey, and a pair of matching Knit Mittens. Use black construction paper to cut out shapes for the paw, and use tape to secure onto the palm of your little one’s mittens. Wear with a colour-coordinating sweater and bottoms. Going trick-or-treating with your little bear? Grab one of our matching Adult Knit Hats for some twinning fun!

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DIY Firefighter Costume

This firefighter costume is super easy to put together and looks great! But the best part is certainly the warmth and comfort factor. Here in Alberta, Halloween is often filled with snow and below zero temperatures. The thin low-quality material of typical costumes means that they’re often hidden underneath snow gear AND only get one use. Using Jan & Jul gear for our costume was amazing because the Bib Pants are super cozy and we’ll wear them lots through the Winter and with the Rain Boots again in the Spring.

All you'll need is a pair of Bib Pants in Black or Yellow, a colour-coordinating long sleeve sweater, Jan & Jul Puddle-Dry Rain Boots, and for the accessories, the only thing we had to borrow for his costume was the fire hat!

Costume designed by Ashlie, Alberta, CA

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DIY Unicorn Costume

To create the “tail” and the “hair”, all you need is a ball of multicoloured yarn and rubber bands to bundle up the yarn into the “tail” and three separate bundles for the hair. Tip: You’ll want to make the length of yarn half as long for the hair compared to the tail.

Once you have your bundles, simply attach them using safety pins to the pants and along the hood. For the horn, roll up a piece of gold or silver paper, tape closed, and cut off excess paper at the bottom. Find a headband and secure the finished horn to the middle of headband by punching two holes near the bottom of the horn, threading a yarn string through it and tying it to the headband. You can further decorate the headband with leftover yarn or other hair accessories you already have at home.

Wear our fleece jacket and pants as a base layer for this cute costume!

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Halloween is a favourite holiday among kids but it can be quite chilly by the time the 31st rolls around! Get creative with your own ideas to incorporate warm and weather-proof outdoor wear in your costumes. It will it give you peace of mind knowing they’re snuggly warm. Kids also love getting involved in making their own costumes! Want some more inspiration? Follow us on Instagram for step-by-step guides to make more Jan & Jul Easy Halloween Costumes. Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!

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