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Jan & Jul Kids’ Boots for Wet Chilly Days

Jan & Jul believes kids should enjoy the outdoors throughout the year, that is why we have developed kids’ footwear for every season. For rainy days we have our Puddle-Dry Rain Boots, for winter and cold wet days we have our Toasty-Dry Booties – fleece-lined, waterproof play boots or our Toasty-Dry Lite Winter Boots the perfect boots for snow and slush. Our waterproof line is made with bionic-finish technology from Germany. So no matter the weather, you can feel confident that your child has dry, comfortable feet so let them run, jump and play!

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What are the Best Boots for your Child?

Puddle-Dry Rain Boots Toasty-Dry Booties Lite Winter Boots Puffy Winter Boots

Waterproof✔︎Water Resistant✔︎Water Resistant
Rain & PuddlesRain & SnowRain, Puddles
Slush & Snow
Rain & Snow
Easy On Boots
& Insulated
Durable natural rubber that is free of toxic chemicals. Flexible and lined with 100% soft cotton. Non-skid soles.Lightweight with flexible soles. Soil-repellent for easy clean-up. Super soft and warm Sherpa fleece-lining.Super lightweight boots with flexible soles. Simple finger holes allow toddlers to put on these boots all by themselves!A sporty winter boot for active kids with lightweight, rugged soles. Super cozy puffy design with soft fleece-lining.

Puddle-Dry Rain Boots

Brighten up your rainy day with Puddle-Dry Rain Boots!

  • No Harmful Chemicals: Made of durable natural rubber, free of toxic chemicals.
  • Comfortable: Flexible rubber, lined with 100% soft cotton
  • All-Season Wear: Cotton lined insoles for spring and fall, plus bonus micro fleece insoles.
  • Wide Fit: Room for growing little feet and space for winter socks

Toasty-Dry Booties

Stay cozy and conquer snow with our Toasty-Dry Booties!

  • Water Resistant: Waterproof shell keeps out rain and snow, while still allowing airflow. PVC & fluorine free. 
  • Insulated: Super cozy with Sherpa lining and insulated middle layer. Rated -10C/14F
  • Me-Put-On: Easy to put on with exterior shoe tongue placement and generously sized hook-n-loop closure.
  • Lightweight & Flexible

Toasty-Dry Puffy Winter Boots

Jan & Jul’s NEW Toasty-Dry Puffy Boots are the perfect winter boot for your active little one. Super lightweight with high-tops for ankle support. Better traction for running and jumping in snow and slush!

  • Sporty Design: Lightweight, durable soles with extra traction
  • Snow & Slush Proof: Breathable, water resistant fabric
  • Soil-Repellent: Mudguards make clean-up easy
  • Insulated: Puffy design with soft Sherpa fleece lining
  • Me-Put-On: Velcro on both sides make it easy for kids to put on

Toasty-Dry Lite Winter Boots

Jan & Jul’s Toasty-Dry Lite Winter Boots are waterproof, lightweight, and cozy warm – your little ones perfect everyday winter boot.

  • Waterproof: The rain, snow, slush & puddle conqueror
  • Lightweight: Not clunky like a typical winter boot
  • Warm: Insulated middle layer plus soft inner fleece liner
  • Me-Put-On: Simple finger holes and back pull tab for independent little dressers

Stay-Put Cozy Booties

Our Stay-Put Cozy Booties will keep your little one’s feet cozy and secure as they ride in the stroller, baby carrier or just toddle around. Perfect for first time walkers.

  • Stay-Put Design: Elastic around the ankle and easy toggle adjustment
  • Lightweight: Easy movement for little feet
  • Super Soft: Made with comfy fleece
  • Easy Care: Machine Washable
Stay-Put Cozy Booties