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bib pants extra protection

Bib Pants: Extra Protection and Flexibility All in One!

Chilly weather is approaching in many areas, and it has already arrived in ours. Our family lives in Alaska where waterproof clothing is a must for all seasons! I love rain suits, but sometimes a full body suit isn’t best for the occasion. Rain pants are also a great item to have; however, my children have been known to sit in deep water or go so deep into snow that moisture finds its way between where the pants and jacket meet. For these reasons, I am super excited about Jan & Jul’s new Bib Pants – extra protection is a must! They’re available in Puddle-Dry (single layer) and Cozy-Dry (fleece lined) versions, designed with the same waterproof fabric as their other outerwear!

High Front & Back

My 2-year-old is all over the place. She will walk into a lake up to her chest and has no hesitation to dive headfirst into a pile of snow. Her bib pants offer extra protection against high water than a regular pair of waterproof pants, and because of their high back, they prevent snow from finding its way in between pants and jacket.

Handy Foot Stirrups

Jan & Jul’s bib pants are equipped with elastic foot stirrups which are easily adjustable and fit effortlessly under feet or boots. They have notched elastic that attaches to inner buttons at the cuff. This extra little feature is great, particularly while my children are climbing. I often notice that their pants will ride up at the bottom when they are caught on a branch. This issue can expose the tops of their boots, allowing rain or snow to get inside. These easy-to-adjust stirrups keep their pants in place which is so handy.

Little Treasure Pocket

My daughter’s favorite feature on her bib pants is the pocket! Found on the center of the chest, this pocket is easy for her to reach. She loves carrying snacks in it, as well as pinecones, sticks, rocks, and shells.

Easy to Layer

I think overalls are adorable! I grew up wearing them, and in addition to being cute, overalls are practical. Often my children will need the coverage to keep their legs dry and warm, but they don’t necessarily need the same for their arms. Our bib pants provide that extra protection for the lower half, while allowing a lighter option to be worn on top. It’s also simple to add a heavier jacket over top when needed. We’ve found the Cozy-Dry (fleece lined) Rain Gear suitable to wear through our Alaskan winters with appropriate layering.

Comfortable Fit

We love that Jan & Jul’s bib pants are created with comfort in mind. Instead of dealing with a waistband that may be too tight, too loose, or hit at the wrong location, these bib pants have shoulder straps to hold them in place. We’ve also found they provide additional room for a wider range of movement around the waist. The Gro-With-Me® elastic straps are wide and comfortable without pinching. They’re easy to adjust and give us more size flexibility to fit our bib pants to just the right length.

The Perfect Choice For Active Kids!

Overall, we love these bib pants. Extra protection against the rain and snow is perfect for my active 2-year-old while giving her comfort and freedom of movement. Whether that’s sitting in big puddles, or climbing up giant snow piles, our Bib Pants are a must-have for outdoor play.

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