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Best Puffy Jacket for Kids

The Best Puffy Jacket for Kids

The Best Puffy Jacket for Kids

Living in Alaska with multiple children, we’ve spent our fair share of time searching for the best puffy jacket for kids. Our winters are quite brutal and oftentimes if it's not snowing, it’s raining. For more than half of the year, there’s snow on the ground! Needless to say, our closet is full with an abundance of different jackets, coats, rain suits, rain pants, and more. In order to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, having the proper outerwear is a must for our family. After years of testing different brands, we have narrowed down the key components to what makes the best puffy jacket for kids!

Vegan Insulation

Puffy Jackets or Puffers are the quintessential winter coat, and are known by their characteristic puffy appearance. Historically, these jackets were filled with feathers from ducks, and sometimes they still are to this day – and they are often very pricey! Another downside is that down loses insulation when wet, which is inevitable in many climates during the wintertime. Let alone with adventurous kids who play hard! Some brands offer vegan alternatives to down. These synthetic substitutions are highly effective, highly water-resistant, and they make for a more accessible price-point too! Synthetic insulation still provides heavy-duty insulation and the same cute puffy look, while being free from animal cruelty.

Temperature Rating

Looking for a temperature rating is a must when shopping for a great children’s puffy jacket. Small children, especially toddlers, are unable to regulate their body temperature as well as adults. Therefore, be sure to take special care when choosing kid’s winter outerwear. Jan & Jul Toasty-Dry Puffy Coats feature a vegan insulation and are also lined with super soft fuzzy fleece, giving the Jan & Jul Puffy Coats a temperature rating of -25°C / -13°F. We’ve worn these in sub-zero temperatures with no complaints!

Puffy Jacket for Kids
Waterproof Puffy Jacket for Kids

Weatherproof Outer Shell

A water-resistant and windproof outer shell is a necessity when looking for the best puffy jacket for kids. Don’t just look for a water-resistant or waterproof jacket, but also one that is windproof. It’s easy to underestimate the effect that windchill has but opting for a windproof jacket really makes a noticeable difference. Jan & Jul Toasty-Dry Puffy Coats defend against windchill and deter moisture with Bionic-Finish®Eco DWR coating which is safe for kids, being PFAS, PVC and fluorine free.

Thoughtful Design

Little details make all the difference during sub-zero temperatures. Jan & Jul’s Toasty-Dry Puffy Coats are thigh length, providing additional coverage for little ones who are crawling around or laying in the snow. In addition, this winter jacket features wrist cuffs with thumb holes to keep the cold out and provide an additional barrier to snow. Perfect for tucking into mittens and gloves for hands-on play!

The Best Puffy Jacket for Kids

When trying to find the best puffy jacket for kids, be sure to consider these features that all good winter coats should have. My children love to get outside and explore, no matter the weather! Though it’s often not sunny or warm where we live, I help my kids to stay out longer by making sure they are in the best outerwear I can find!

Christy, Alaskan homeschooling mother of three

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