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4 best outdoor clothing essentials for moms

4 best outdoor clothing essentials for moms

It was a typical winter day in Vancouver… which meant it was cold and pouring down rain. My kids were two years old and three years old at the time and were happily stomping away in puddles. They were perfectly donned for the weather in their best outdoor clothing – rainboots, rain suits, hats, warm layers underneath.

“Mommy come jump with us!”

Of course! I couldn’t turn a request like that down, so I joined them. As I jumped in the first puddle, the water seeped into my shoes and splashed onto my pants. I was wet before, since I was wearing my husband’s big plaid camping jacket that is in no way waterproof… but now I was SOAKED.

This was the moment I realized I’d forgotten about myself.

This was the moment I decided I needed to gear up.

We care so much for our kids and outfit them for the elements, but it’s easy to forget about ourselves. Us parents deserve the best outdoor clothing too. Plus it’s important for our children to see us meeting our own needs, as well as theirs.

Here are some things I got for myself, that have made our time outdoors SO much more enjoyable:

  1. A good raincoat. The Jan & Jul Women’s Pacific Rain Jacket has the best breathable fabric of any outdoor clothing brand I’ve tried out so far. It’s the perfect weight so I can wear it solo on the spring days we’re having now, or add other layers for the colder ones. You can buy this raincoat in a more neutral colour but I went all out for the yellow! I love having highly visible outdoor clothing for myself (and the kids too) for those foggy pacific northwest days.
  2. A hat. Never underestimate the value of a good hat! Jan & Jul have a few great options for the sun. For the rain though, I love a ball cap. The water stays off my face and with the hood of my rain jacket over top, I stay nice and dry.
  3. Rain boots. These are a total outdoor essential. I wear rainboots when trekking through puddles, but I also wear them when we go to the beach in the spring. Perfect for wading through the water to retrieve the inevitable ball that lands juuuuust out of reach.
  4. Merino wool. For Christmas last year I asked for good quality merino wool socks and a shirt. They have made such a difference!! Merino wool clothing helps regulate body temperature – so when it’s hot out, it keeps you cool. When it’s cold out, it keeps you warm!

Investing in the best outdoor clothing for myself has made a huge difference in how I enjoy my time outside with the kids. A hot pot of coffee upon return helps too ????

Alex Turner is a journalist turned stay-at-home mom. Read more about her adventures on her blog

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