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best kids fishing hat

The Best Kids Fishing Hat!

The Best Kids Fishing Hat!

Since I started taking Lochlan, my son fishing with me, I knew I had to find the best kids fishing hat. He loves being outside, whether he’s reeling in fish or playing on the riverbank with his trucks. As we spend more time outdoors, I have to be extra mindful of his sun protection!

Why Wear a Fishing Hat?

Sun exposure can be damaging even in the cooler months, and Lochlan sunburns easily. That means UPF clothing and hats have become essential to our fishing and outdoor wardrobe. We spend a lot of time on the rivers around our home here in Calgary, Alberta. And especially in the summer, the days can be long and hot!

Features to Look For

Having a hat with great face and neck protection is crucial. Not to mention, something that is quick-drying too! There are times when the hat inevitably gets wet, or we get stuck in a quick passing rain storm. Luckily the Aqua-Dry Hats have everything we need and are easily the best kids fishing hats available. They feature full neck coverage with 50+UPF protection, which means no sunburns on the face or neck! They are light and cool, so Lochlan stays comfortable. Even if the hat gets wet, the fabric dries quickly and it's back on his head in no time. I also like that they are size adjustable and have a breakaway safety clip on the chinstrap. They’re also super lightweight, making them easy to pack on our adventures.

Now Get Outside!

Being equipped with the best kids fishing hat, I have peace of mind knowing Lochlan is well protected from the sun. Taking your kids fishing can be so rewarding, and is well worth the preparation. Take the time to make sure you have the right gear and you won’t regret it!

Lochlan’s favourite part of fly fishing is releasing the trout we catch. He loves saying goodbye to the fish and telling stories of them going back home to their families. It's something I am so thankful he loves doing with me! It gives me peace of mind to know he's well-protected from the sun when we are out there. That way, we can focus on catching fish and enjoying that time together!

Amber, Calgary mom, fisher and photographer

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