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Benefits of Getting Outside

benefits of getting outside

5 Benefits of Getting Outside More with Kids

Every year around this time, families are starting their New Year’s Resolutions. We all know that there are countless benefits of getting outside! While fresh air works wonders on our mind, body and soul. But it’s not always easy to get outside, especially on cold and wet days. When the going gets tough, let’s take a collective deep breath and remind ourselves of our “why”.

Here are 5 benefits of getting outside more with kids:

Benefits of Getting Outside

It promotes physical health

Children need the space to run about and play! The natural terrain will allow them to build motor skills, develop hand eye coordination as well as balance. Being outside regularly from a young age helps develop their physical health as well as positive self-care habits.

Benefits of Getting Outside

It invites new contexts for learning

Changing up your kids’ learning environment can make all the difference. By providing a space to engage in self-directed learning, children experience a rich sensorial landscape rooted in science, math and sociology. Try collecting rocks, leaves or pinecones during a nature walk or camping trip, and then analyzing the loot. The outdoors can also be the perfect spot to sit together on a tarp and read, alongside some snacks and a stuffy.

It promotes better sleep

Being in the sunlight regulates your circadian rhythm. Our bodies naturally create more melatonin (the “sleepy hormone”) when it is dark. When sunlight hits the optic nerve, the brain stops producing melatonin, producing wakefulness. The physical and mental energy expended outside helps get your kid to sleep, too!

It gives the opportunity for kids to take appropriate risks

Children regularly push boundaries, particularly toddlers, who learn new skills by experimentation, and trial and error. Being outside offers a range of obstacles for safe risk-taking, like jumping, climbing, and balancing!

It promotes mindfulness and connection

You may have noticed your kids quiet down when watching a bird collect a stick or observing different coloured leaves on the ground. Bringing your child into the present moment can also segway into more meaningful discussions and opportunities to connect.

Whether you’re making New Year’s resolutions or not, there are practically endless benefits of getting outside. In 2022, let’s wipe the slate clean and move forward, starting with getting outdoors!

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