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Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat this Summer!

Last year we were in for a shock when an unprecedented heat wave hit Western North America from late June through early July. The heat wave was determined to be a once every 1000-year weather event! I live West of the Cascades. Temperatures there reached a whopping 111 degrees Fahrenheit (44 degrees Celsius) and stayed high for weeks.

My 1970s “farmhouse” lacks air conditioning or central cooling of any sort. The coolest place to beat the heat was actually outside! We spent a lot of time in our backyard swimming pool in the shade. We consumed our weight in popsicles on the river. This year, I feel like my kids and I are better prepared to beat the heat should an unprecedented heat event return!

Wear 50+ UPF Clothing

Both my kids now have Sun & Splash long sleeve tops and bottoms with 50+ UPF protection from Jan & Jul. They can be worn swimming or while out exploring on a hike or camping trip, since they’re lightweight and quick drying. We were pleasantly surprised that my babies stayed cool in the long protective sleeves without overheating or irritating their sensitive skin!

Breathable Shoes are a Must!

Since we often opt to beat the heat with water play in our yard or by the river, having breathable, lightweight water shoes is handy too! The Jelly Jumper and Breeze Knit Shoes from Jan & Jul are both flexible slip-ons with a lightweight, perforated upper that’s quick draining and drying. The knit material is nice and ventilated on super hot days and the flexible soles protect little toes and feet as they dart across hot sand or brittle grass. A bonus feature is they are machine washable! When they get dirty, I toss them in with a load of laundry for easy cleaning.

Beat the Heat
Beat the Heat

Polarized Eye Protection

My kids play hard and are masters of breaking, destroying and losing nice things. But we decided to give the Urban Xplorer Sunglasses a shot since they are toted as durable and flexible. So far, I’ve been very happy with these polarized lenses which provide both UVA and UVB sun protection. They come with an adjustable strap to keep them from slipping off into the abyss. Both kids kept their sunglasses on while exploring the Point Defiance Zoo this spring, so I have high hopes for our upcoming adventures this summer!

However you choose to beat the heat this year, don’t forget sun safety! Keeping your littles covered and protected from the sun is key. As well as keeping hydrated, seeking out shade and lots of water play. Have fun out there!

Domo, nature-lover and mom blogger at Tales of a Mountain Mama

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