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keep kids busy on weekends

Sensory Activities to Keep Kids Busy on the Weekend

Sensory Activities to Keep Kids Busy on the Weekend

Fall is here, once again bringing back our weekly schedules and rhythms. With your kids busy during the week with school or daycare, it may leave you wondering how to keep kids busy on weekends! When I need to catch up on housework or want something educational that will entertain them for hours, I always turn to sensory play activities…

Newborn Shopping List

Newborn Shopping List

The Practical Mom’s Newborn Shopping List

When it comes to making a newborn shopping list, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what items are necessary and which are just plain impractical. Not to mention figuring out what to look for when choosing those items! Aside from some of the more obvious things parents might need, here are a few suggestions of items to add on your newborn shopping list…

manage kids screen time

How to Manage Kids Screen Time

How to Manage Kids’ Screen Time

There are few topics more contentious for parents these days than how to manage kids screen time. Just the mention of screen time and people get their hackles up. Is it something we have to feel guilty or defensive about? Absolutely not! By consciously working to manage kids screen time in our routine, we can feel good about it.
For us, my partner and I sat down and discussed how we felt screen time would work best for our family…

its all in the design

Its All in the Design

It’s All in the Design

What makes Jan & Jul special? It’s all in the design! We know how fast kids grow, and how hard they can be on their clothing. That’s why our thoughtful Gro-With-Me® designs not only allow your child to wear their gear longer but are made to last with quality fabrics and craftsmanship. From easy-on zippers to machine washable shoes, we factor in every consideration to make our designs practical for both kids and parents.

kids bento box ideas

Kids Bento Box Ideas

Kids Bento Box Ideas from @BowsAndBentos

Have you ever felt like you've run out of kids bento box ideas by the 3rd week of school and you have 9 more months to go? You're not alone. Here are some tips that can help prepare you and your kiddos for success this year and beyond. Please note the following suggestions come from my experience as a parent of neurotypical children.

kids backpack

How to Pack your Kids Backpack

How to Pack Your Kid’s Backpack!

Have you got a little one starting school in the fall, and you have no idea how to pack your kid’s backpack? Or perhaps a big kid whose backpack is always a disaster, and you want to tame the chaos? From my years as a teacher, here are some tips on how to pack your kids backpack that will make everybody’s day smoother…

Teach Your Child Independent Dressing

How to Teach Your Child Independent Dressing

How to Teach Your Child Independent Dressing

As the weather turns cooler, not many parents get excited about bundling everyone up to go outside! One way our family has made getting out the door a little smoother is by teaching independent dressing to our children. At first, it might feel like this slows everyone down, but over time, the benefits definitely pay off…

back to school shopping

Back to School Shopping: Save or Splurge?

Back to School Shopping: Save or Splurge?

It’s almost the time of year when all the ‘back to school’ displays start rolling out. Especially if it’s your first time doing back to school shopping, it can be a little overwhelming! With so many decisions to make, here are some tips on what items are worth splurging on, and where you can save your money.

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